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  • Development of the Fifth CHP Plant worth USD 1.5 billion to start next year
    Thursday, 30 July 2015

    mpa_72651-153539-151089823120150729153810.jpeg(Jul 30, 2015) Fifth Combined Heat and Power Plant development project is the first of the Public and Private Partnership (PPP) in Mongolia. Moreover, this project will be marked as the first project to develop combined power and heating plant since 1984. The concession agreement holders have signed the Electricity Purchase Agreement with the representatives of the Government of Mongolia today.

  • Mongolia awaits economic rebound in 2016
    Wednesday, 29 July 2015

    mongolia1.jpg(Jul 29, 2015) The current drive in Mongolia to promote growth and foreign investment appears likely to yield results, as a key breakthrough in a long-running dispute over the expansion of a mine will help act as a stimulus for a 10-year, $1bn sovereign issue in the coming months. While growth is expected to ease to 5.3% this year, down from 7.8% in 2014, the economy is on course for a rebound in 2016, Prime Minister Ch. Saikhanbileg said during a visit to London earlier this month, aimed at drumming up investment in Mongolia.

  • Rio Tinto agrees to invest in Mongolia's Oyu Tolgoi mine
    Tuesday, 28 July 2015

    riotinto_rgb_hires.jpg(Jul 28, 2015) After two years of intense negotiations, mining giant Rio Tinto has made a deal to invest between $250-300 million to the underground section of the large Oyu Tolgoi copper and gold mine in Mongolia. The mine is located 50 miles north of China and is expected to take between five to seven years to commence production once all finances and approvals are secured. Previously, Mining Global reported that Rio Tinto helped get the Oyu Tolgoi project back on track after resolving a tax dispute with the Mongolian government.

  • Shares of some state owned enterprises will be traded through MSE
    Monday, 27 July 2015
    mse_copy.jpg(Jul 27, 2015) According to the resolution No.: 70 of Mongolian parliament of 2015, “the privatization of state owned companies in 2015-2016 and main trend” has been approved. In the resolution, following companies will be traded through Mongolian Stock Exchange including:

    1. Thermal Power Plant -4 (MSE:DGD)
    2. Thermal Power Plant -3 (MSE:DGS)
    3. Thermal Power Plant – 2 (MSE:DKS)
    4. Thermal Power Plant of Darkhan (MSE:DAS)
    5. Thermal Power Plant of Erdenet (MSE:EDS)
    6. Shivee Ovoo JSC (MSE:SHV)
    7. Baganuur JSC (MSE:BAN)
    8. Mongol Post company
    9. Telecom Mongolian (MSE:MCH)

  • Cabinet meeting in brief
    Tuesday, 21 July 2015
    7a1800a90437bd1c20962dab410158c9_xl.jpg(Jul 21, 2015) The cabinet meeting on Monday discussed and then backed a bill on exemption from customs tax and VAT the electricity that is imported by the "Energy system of western region" state-run company from Russia and China. The bill will be submitted to parliament. The cabinet decided to transfer rights and duties to the “Oil of South Mongolian Territory” LLC for running oil exploration and exploitation on the “Nomgon-IX” area under a production-sharing contract, established between the Oil Authority and the “Space geology exploration” LLC.

  • Mongolia to export horse meat products to China
    Monday, 20 July 2015
    (Jul 20, 2015) 4a9552303f482b1f92bc5d0b245b6dcforiginal.jpgMongolian companies now have the chance to export horse meat products to China, including meat dumplings and bone meal. Last week, Chairman of the General Agency for Specialized Inspection (GASI) Sh.Radnaased and Vice Minister of the General Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine Wu Qinghai signed export inspection and quarantine protocols that will be used during horse meat product export from Mongolia to China. Inspection organizations of foreign countries that are willing to import meat and meat products from Mongolia will conduct risk assessment with local businesses in partnership with GASI.

    Wednesday, 08 July 2015
    naadam.gifThe National Naadam Festival is being celebrated between 11 & 15 July 2015 for 5 days. Therefore, the Mongolian stock exchange will be closed during these days and reopen on Thursday, 16 July.

  • Sharyn Gol JSC (MSE:SHG) announces the commissioning of its Coal Wash Plant and execution of an agreement to export washed coal to South Korea
    Monday, 22 June 2015
    sharyn_gol_web1.png(Jun 22, 2015) Sharyn Gol JSC (MSE: SHG; “Sharyn Gol”) is pleased to announce that it has successfully commissioned its new coal wash plant, which is located next to its producing coal mine in Sharyn Gol city, Darkhan province. The plant, which has the capacity to wash 600,000 tons of raw coal per year, enables Sharyn Gol to produce an export grade coal, as well as a premium coal product for the domestic industrial market. The coal wash plant is Mongolia’s second operating coal wash plant and the only coal wash plant that has the potential to supply the domestic market. The investment in the wash plant reflects Sharyn Gol’s commitment to solutions for the production of environmentally friendly, value-added coal products.

  • PM Saikhanbileg to meet with Putin in Saint Petersburgh
    Monday, 15 June 2015
    pm_saikhanbileg.jpg(Jun 15, 2015) During the state visit in Dubai, UAE PM Ch.Saikhanbileg has signed the Oyu Tolgoi Underground Development Agreement. After signing of this agreement Prime Minister plans on improving the Mongolia image in abroad. First of his actions towards bettering the Mongolia image will be the participation at the Economic Forum to be held in Saint Petersburgh next week, during which he is to meet with President of Russian Federation Vladimir Putin. Next on his agenda will be attendance at the investors summit to be held in USA by the end of June. According to Head of the Office of the Government S.Bayartsogt the trip will continue with attendance of the investors forum to be held in UK.

  • S. Bayartsogt participates in "Ministers' Hour"
    Friday, 12 June 2015
    187e1c229b09029b4da8f1d26971fe28big.jpeg (Jun 12, 2015) Earlier today (11th June 2015), the Mongolian Governmental Administration Chief, Minister S.Bayartsogt participated in “Ministers’ Hour” and provided fresh information about the progress of the law projects which the Government has introduced to Parliament and other matters. He answered questions by journalists regarding the Gatsuurt deposit stock debate,  the issuing  of external  bonds, changes to the constitution and the benefits of the Oyu-Tolgoi underground mine construction plan (OT-Phase 2) etc…

  • USD reached MNT 1864
    Thursday, 11 June 2015

    -11062015-1433980996-310566144--10062015-1433923444-396773887-dollar.jpg (Jun 11, 2015) We are delivering you the exchange rate of commercial banks and NBFI as of June 10. As of June 10, Capitron bank were buying U.S. Dollar at the lowest rate of MNT 1852 while Uran Uurgach were buying U.S. Dollar at the rate of MNT 1862. The sell rate for the dollar as of June 10 was decreased by MNT 5-11 comparing with previous days and it has ranging between MNT 1864-1875. Below is the U.S. dollar rate comparison at the commercial banks and NBFIs as of June 10.

  • Leader of Mongolia addresses European Parliament
    Wednesday, 10 June 2015
    68439c7589a67acab540d6749a3c9559_l.jpg(Jun 10, 2015) The President of Mongolia Ts.Elbegdorj addressed the European parliament on June 8 in Strasbourg of France by saying “I would like to begin with something simple: Thank you”. “Thank you, Mr. President, for inviting me, thank you, Members of the European Parliament, for giving me this opportunity to share my views with you, the distinguished representatives of 28 sovereign states of this great continent—Europe”. “I am proud of my motherland, Mongolia. I am proud of our history, our culture, our traditions, and the natural beauty that surrounds us. But most of all, I am proud of our spirit and our values.

  • Rio Tinto confident banks are backing Oyu Tolgoi
    Tuesday, 09 June 2015

    (Jun 9, 2015) rio-tinto-015.jpgRio Tinto's top copper and coal executive Jean-Sébastien Jacques says some banks have already recommitted to help finance the $US4 billion ($5.2 billion) the miner is seeking for its stalled copper and gold project in Mongolia. Mr Jacques started Rio's engagement with a consortium of 15 to 20 banks last week, hosting a conference call alongside Rio group treasurer Ulf Quellmann. He told The Australian Financial Review that several private and government-backed banks had already pledged their support and a consortium deal should be completed in the next few months.

  • Prime Minister runs cabinet's extended meeting
    Monday, 08 June 2015
    06d95d8267b712b3fb6d3f7cbfe26d4e_xl.jpg(Jun 8, 2015) The Prime Minister Ch.Saikhanbileg called an extended meeting of the Cabinet on Thursday to exchange ideas on enhancing the domestic production and on creating jobs by promoting the small and medium enterprises in localities, and to make decisions. Present were governors of all 21 aimags and of the city. The PM said that, in times of economic difficulties, an effort of every authorized person is vital, and that the governors of 21 aimags, 330 soums and 1,600 bags (smallest administrative unit in a locality) must conduct their activities in coordination with the Government decisions.

  • Will DP have enough "courage" to dismiss the Cabinet once again
    Friday, 05 June 2015

    pm_saikhanbileg.jpg(Jun 5, 2015) Mongolia since its adoption of the democratic principles 25 years ago has seen 14 Prime ministers and is now currently having 17th cabinet which named itself as Government for Solution and is led by PM Ch.Saikhanbileg. It is yet unknown if this one is to serve its full period or not. It has been three weeks since the MP O.Baasankhuu has announced on his intentions to dismiss the current PM and is doing research. The reasons he mentioned for the possible dismissal were again related to the mega projects in mining sector. In his announement he said that PM's standing that Mongolian economy is only to revive with the moving of the mega mining projects such as TT and OT is itself very irresponsible and implies the laziness of the current cabinet and accused PM as working as a representative on one entity.

  • Sharyn Gol JSC announces that its controlling shareholders have entered into an agreement for the transfer of the Listing Status of Eratat Lifestyle Limited, a company listed on the Singapore Exchange (“SGX”)
    Thursday, 04 June 2015

    (Jun 4, 2015) Sharyn Gol JSC (MSE: SHG) is pleased to announce that it has been informed by a representative of its controlling shareholders, which are predominantly entities controlled by funds managed by affiliates of New York-based Firebird Management LLC (“Firebird”), that Mogul Coal Holdings Pte. Ltds. (“MCH”), a private Singapore-registered company created for the purpose of holding coal assets in Mongolia, has entered into an agreement (“Implementation Agreement”) pursuant to which Eratat Lifestyle Limited, a company under judicial management that is listed on the SGX (“ELL”), will transfer its Listing Status to MCH in consideration of the issue of ordinary shares in the share capital of MCH to shareholders and eligible creditors of ELL(“Transfer”).

  • Cooperation agreement allows BDSec's international clients to use Khan Bank as their cash clearing service provider
    Wednesday, 03 June 2015
    bdsec.jpg(Jun 3, 2015) Mongolia’s largest commercial bank, Khan Bank and BDSec JSC /BDS:MO/ have signed a cooperation agreement which allows the company’s international clients to choose Khan as their cash clearing bank in addition to Golomt Bank and XacBank which BDSec already has a relationship with. Following the signing of the agreement, BDSec becomes the first and only brokerage firm in the country to offer its clients 3 out of 4 local banks which are eligible to offer a cash clearing service.

  • Government to issue bonds of one billion USD
    Tuesday, 02 June 2015
    cabinet.jpg(June 2, 2015) This decision was made at an irregular meeting of the cabinet Thursday. The cabinet gave permission to the Minister of Finance J.Erdenebat to issue Government securities with a value of up to one billion US dollars in order to cover the budget deficit with low-cost and long-term source, to promote balance of payment, extend the re-payment terms of Government securities and foreign securities with the Government guarantee.

    Friday, 29 May 2015
    (May 29, 2015) children.jpgMongolian stock market will be closed on Monday, 01 June 2015, due to the Children's day. Accordingly, BDSec offices will be closed on this day. Starting Tuesday, 02 June, we will return to our normal operational hours.

  • "OT's 1.8 billion USD revenue will be spent on underground mining"
    Thursday, 28 May 2015
    byambasaihan-ganbold-muugi-_2.jpg(May 28, 2015) The Prime Minister of Mongolia, state-owned Erdenes Oyu Tolgoi, Turquoise Hill Resources and Rio Tinto signed the “Oyu Tolgoi Underground Mine Development and Financing Plan” as part of the Oyu Tolgoi (OT) Project on May 18, 2015 to determine the path for the development of the underground mine at OT. The following is an interview with CEO of Erdenes Mongol LLC B.Byambasaikhan and CEO of Erdenes Oyu Tolgoi LLC D.Ganbold, clarifying some very imported issues related to OT.

Daily Market Update
  • Baganuur (BAN) and Shivee Ovoo (SHV) to supply coal to Power Plant 5
    1121.png(Jul 30, 2015) The MSE Top 20 index dropped 0.60 percent on Thursday as 8 stocks out of 11 traded on the MSE finished the day in red. Genco Tour Bureau (JTB) fell -12.6% to close at MNT 83.08. Concession agreement holders have signed the Electricity Purchase Agreement with the representatives of the Government of Mongolia today for Fifth Combined Heat and Power Plant. Energy resources for the CHP 5 will be Shivee-Ovoo and Baganuur coal deposits, 70 percent of total coal to be procured from Shivee-Ovoo and 30 percent from Baganuur.

  • Khukh Gan's (HGN) sales revenue jumped +163% yoy in the first half of the year to MNT 521.4 million
    1119.png(Jul 29, 2015) The MSE Top 20 index fell 0.32 percent on Wednesday to 13,776.91 points. Khukh Gan (HGN) lost -14.6% to MNT 77, its lowest price in 2 months. The Company’s sales revenue jumped +163% yoy in the first half of the year to MNT 521.4 million and its loss decreased to MNT 269 million from MNT 816 million year earlier. Remicon (RMC) further dropped to MNT 54.39, losing -9.4% for the day. Remicon reported MNT 2.3 billion of revenue in the first half, 45.3% lower than year earlier. Its loss was MNT 889 million, compared to MNT 970 million last year.

  • Baganuur (BAN) reports earnings first time since 2010
    1117.png(Jul 27, 2015) The MSE Top 20 index edged up +0.04% on Monday, ending 6-day decline. Baganuur (BAN), 75% state owned thermal coal miner, added +1.83% to close at MNT 2,900. The company reported earnings of MNT 1.4 billion in the first half of 2015. It was the first positive earnings report by the Company since 2010. Baganuur has been included in the ‘State privatization list in 2015-2016’, along with Shivee Ovoo (SHV), Mongol Post, Telecom Mongolia (MCH) and power plants.

  • Mongolia stocks rise for 13th day in a row
    1088.png(Jun 18, 2015) Mongolia stocks rose for 13th day in a row. The benchmark index added +1.94% today to sit at 15,540.61 points, highest since last October. Aduunchuluun (ADL), a thermal coal miner in the Eastern Mongolia, gained +3.6% to close at MNT 1,962, heading to its 1-year high. Gobi Cashmere (GOV) also continued with its upward trend for 13th straight day, setting new all-time high of MNT 12,000 per share. The stock closed at MNT 11,830, gaining +12.6% for the day.

  • Gobi (GOV) surpasses Shivee Ovoo (SHV) to become the 3rd largest company on MSE
    1083.png(Jun 17, 2015) MSE Top 20 has extended its winning streak to a 12th day. The index gained +0.63% on Wednesday to end the session at 15,245.51 points. Gobi Cashmere (GOV) hit new record closing high of MNT 10,510, adding +7.3% for the day. Gobi Cashmere surpassed Shivee Ovoo (SHV) to become the 3rd largest company on MSE by market value at MNT  82.0 billion.

  • MSE Top 20 hits 8-month high
    1081.png(Jun 16, 2015) MSE Top 20 index continued with its upward trend for 11th straight day, adding +3.52% today to end the session at 14,149.45 points, hitting its 8-month high. 2 shares rose for every one that fell on MSE on Tuesday.  APU (APU), the largest company by market value on the MSE, jumped +12.4% to close at MNT 3,996. Gobi Cashmere (GOV) hit its all-time high at MNT 9,795, up +10.4% for the day.

  • Khukh Gan posts financial results for 2014
    stockcharthgn.png(Mar 4, 2015) MSE Top 20 index further dropped 0.50% on Wednesday, as Tavantolgoi (TTL) fell on for the second day in a row. TTL dropped further from its 16-month low, down -5.63% for the day. APU recovered 0.99% to close at MNT 3,567. Khukh Gan (HGN), a DRI manufacturer in Erdenet, lost -3.66% to close at MNT 105.97, its 2-month low. HGN’s sales increased 11-fold to MNT 1.8 billion in 2014, but it posted loss of MNT 825 million or MNT 8.2 per share.

  • MSE trades MNT 1.5 billion worth of government retail bonds
    stockchartttl.png(Mar 3, 2015) The MSE benchmark index lost 0.84% on Tuesday as the 2 largest MSE names dropped to their 9-month and 16-month lows. APU (APU), valued at MNT 262 billion, fell -1.64% to close at MNT 3,532 today while Tavantolgoi (TTL), valued at MNT 195 billion, lost -3.64% to hit its 16-month low at MNT 3,709. MSE traded MNT 1.5 billion worth of government retail bonds on Tuesday. Stocks turnover for Tuesday was MNT 30.2 million.

  • Darkhan Nekhii (NEH) announces 2014 financial results
    stockchartneh.png(Mar 2, 2015) MSE shares edged up 0.16% to 13,929.75 points on Monday. Talkh Chikher (TCK) added +2.21% to close at MNT 19,450, leading today’s gainers followed by State Department Store (+1.92%). Darkhan Nekhii (NEH), the country’s largest animal skin producer, announced its financial results for fiscal year 2014. The company’s revenue was up 37.1% to MNT 19.4 billion while its earnings came down 10.4% to MNT 1.86 billion. NEH last traded at MNT 17,000 per share and its PE ratio is at 10.1.

  • Remicon (RMC) hit its new 4-year low at MNT 87
    stockgraph3.png(Feb 27, 2015) Stocks declined -0.10% on Friday. Trading volume has been low throughout the week. Today’s trading turnover was MNT 9.7 million. Remicon (RMC) hit its new 4-year low at MNT 87. MSE reports that since November 2014, MSE organized short durations /3, 6, 12 months/ retailed government bonds trading in primary and secondary market worth MNT98 billion through 23 trading sessions. Investors and entities of 150 countries including USA, Great Britain, Japan, and South Korea, China and Malaysia and domestic investors participated in government retail bonds trading in the past.

  • Ulaanbaatar BUK earnings increased 45.7%
    stockgraph2.png(Feb 26, 2015) Stocks advanced on Thursday. Ulaanbaatar BUK (BUK) jumped +8.6% to close at MNT 38,000. BUK’s revenue grew 82% to MNT 16.1 billion in 2014, whereas its earnings increased 45.7% over the year to MNT 745 million or MNT 661 per share. The stock is trading 57 times its 2014 earnings. APU (APU) recovered from its 9-month low, up +1.3% to close at MNT 3,600.

  • APU hits 9-month low at MNT 3,555
    stockgraph1.png(Feb 25, 2015) MSE shares closed Wednesday session at 13,801.48 points, 0.14% lower than yesterday. Bulgan Guril Tejeel (GTJ) fell -10.1% to MNT 2,697, its 16-month low. Remicon (RMC), a concrete producer based in Ulaanbaatar, dropped -2.8% to MNT 88.44 to hit its new 4-year low. APU (APU), the largest MSE listed company by market value, lost -1.4% to MNT 3,555, lowest it’s seen since June 2, 2014. APU reported net loss of MNT 14.2 billion or MNT 190.8 per share in 2014, compared to MNT 4.0 billion earnings in 2013. The company’s sales increased 2.5% to MNT 198 billion in 2014, but they reported exchange related loss of MNT 21.5 billion in 2014, compared to MNT 15.1 billion in 2013.

  • $12 million worth of government bonds were traded on MSE
    stockgraph.png(Feb 24, 2015) On Tuesday, MSE trades MNT 23.4 billion (~US$ 12 million) worth of 12-week government bonds with 15.019% yield. Stock trading volume was low at MNT 9 million. Out of 7 stocks traded on the bourse, 5 declined and 2 remained same. Gobi Cashmere (GOV) was closed at MNT 7,400, down -0.27% for the day. GOV board has announced dividend of MNT 140 per share for FY14 with a record date of February 27, 2015. The dividend translates to payout of 10.4% for 2014.

  • 50 percent of 22th Baaz traded on Friday
    stockgraph.png(Feb 13, 2015) Mongolia stocks ended the week in red. The benchmark index closed 0.13% lower to 13,905.51 points. Turnover for Friday was MNT 286.7 million (~US$ 146.2K). MNT 207.3 worth of 50 percent of 22th Baaz (AHH) were exchanged hands at a price of MNT 205 per share. Tavantolgoi (TTL), the second largest MSE-listed company by market value, lost -2.5% to MNT 3,900, lowest price since November 2013. Shivee Ovoo (SHV) kept its momentum. The stock surged +14.8% to close at MNT 6,200. SHV advanced by MNT 1,700 or 38% this week.

  • Companies start posting their 2014 results
    stockgraph.png(Feb 12, 2015) MSE Top 20 index ended -0.36% lower on Thursday. Companies started posting their financial results for the year 2014. Out of 81 companies posted their year results, some of them performed very well in 2014. Ulaanbaatar BUK (BUK): BUK’s revenue was up 80.9% to MNT 16.1 billion in 2014 whereas its earnings increased 45.7% to MNT 745.8 million. Gutal (GTL): GTL’s sales revenue and earnings were up 49.7% and 165.3% to MNT 2.83 billion and MNT 1.46 billion, respectively.


  • MSE ends 5-day decline
    stockgraph.png(Feb 11, 2015) Mongolia shares closed the in green on Wednesday, ending 5-day decline. Remicon advanced +5.6% to MNT 95. Makh Impex (MMX) added +5.35 to close at MNT 3,750, its highest price in 2 months. Ulaanbaatar BUK (BUK) lost -13.2% to MNT 33,000, its lowest price in 13-month. Baganuur (BAN) also closed -9.7% lower to hit its lowest price since September 2009. Turnover for Wednesday was MNT 29.3 million.

  • MSE shares decline 5th day in a row
    stockgraph.png(Feb 10, 2015) MSE shares declined for the 5th day in a row on Tuesday. The MSE All index fell 0.21% to sit at 996.87 points. Auto Impex (AOI), Ikh Barilga (IBA) and Mongol Makh Expo (DLG) lost more than 14% on Tuesday. Shivee Ovoo (SHV), a 90% state owned thermal coal miner, advanced +4.44% to MNT 4,700, highest price year-to-date. Aduunchuluun (ADL) recovered from its 5-year low, adding +3.4%. Turnover for the day was MNT 30.5 million. 

  • Darkhan Nekhii (NEH) up 4.2% to MNT 18,760
    stockgraph.png(Feb 9, 2015) Mongolia shares edged lower 0.06% on Monday to continue its losing streak to 4 consecutive days. Naco Fuel (NKT) slumped -12.3% to MNT 270. Darkhan Nekhii (NEH) advanced +4.2% to close the day at MNT 18,760, its highest close since last September. 52-week low and high for NEH shares are MNT 13,010 and MNT 20,000.

  • Hermes (HRM) hit a new 1-year low at MNT 141.45
    stockgraph.png(Feb 6, 2015) Mongolia shares ended the week in red amid low volume. Only MNT 8.2 million worth of 16 companies’ shares were changed hands. The benchmark index fell 0.84% to sit at 14,034.58 points. BDSec (BDS) fell -12.3% to MNT 2,000 on 5 shares traded. Hermes (HRM) hit a new 1-year low at MNT 141.45, dropping -2.45% for the day. Makh Impex (MMX) added +2.9% to close at MNT 3,600, its highest price in the last one month.

  • MSE stocks hit its lowest close since October 2013
    stockgraph.png(Feb 5, 2015) MSE stocks declined 0.49% to 14,153.62 points on Thursday to hit its lowest close since October 2013. The largest MSE-listed company APU fell -2.4% to end the session at MNT 3,610. Aduunchuluun (ADL), a thermal coal miner in Eastern Mongolia, lost -3.1% to close at MNT 1,356, its lowest price since August 2010. On the other side, Gazar Suljmel (SUL) and Darkhan Nekhii (NEH) gained +10.4% and +1.3% respectively to hit their 3-month highs.

  • BDSec WEEKLY - 15th week
    (Apr. 8th - Apr. 12th) MSE Top 20 index lost 0.26% to 15,017.8 points whilst BDS index went down to 0.74% to 3,133.1 points. Despite the fact that companies reported strong financials in 2012 which have started being announced to the public at their annual general meetings this month, both indexes have been losing value for 12 weeks in a row, reaching its 27-months low value.

  • BDSec WEEKLY - 8th week
    (Feb 18th - 22th) MSE listed companies started announcing their year-end financials: net profit of most actively traded companies has grown by 42.1% in 2012 and sales revenue of those companies went up by 25% in the same year

  • BDSec WEEKLY - 6th week
    (Feb 4th – Feb 8th) Market closed at lower value on the verge of Lunar New Year: MSE TOP20 index went down by 0.3% to 17,627.3 points whilst BDS index dropped by 2.0% to 3,767.0 points.

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